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You may have heard the term social media used today, but you may not think it is relevant to your business. Well we're here to let you know that if you're not utilizing social media, you are missing out even if you have a small business.

Social media is continuing to grow and become of greater importance, not only to connect with potential customers but also in the way that major search engines like Google and Yahoo view your business. Check out these articles about local search engine optimization and the role that social media will have:

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Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube that focus on their users sharing information with other trusted users play a big role in your company's visibility online. Search engines will be able to provide links that show you who other people in your “inner circle” trust for a particular search you are interested in.

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When building a stock portfolio the main word you here is “diversity”. The same should be said when putting together your internet marketing strategy. Although most traffic you receive to your website will come from search engines, social media is growing at such a huge rate that it is a mistake to overlook it. Millions of people have facebook and twitter accounts nowadays...why not go where the conversation already is? Besides the best type of clients are those that come from word of mouth. Have a presence on social media and allow you’re potential clients to connect with you even easier.


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