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R.J. Camposagrado- Founder & CEO

Steve Seager- VP and Creative Director

Melissa Glover- Lead Project Coordinator

Justine Mirasol- Graphic/Website Designer

Lynne Szalony- VP Marketing and PR

Our People

Web Nation Group

Here at Web Nation Group we realize that when you hire a web design company, many times it’s just as much about the people as it is the product. Our diverse staff takes their cues from senior leadership, whose drive and dedication serve as the foundation that the company was built upon. Everything runs like a well-oiled machine here with a specialist that oversees every step of the process. Would you like to know how we do it? Get to know these fine people below of Web Nation Group and you will have a much better idea.  

R.J. Camposagrado- Founder and CEO

R.J. has been in the web design business since 1999 when he worked with Cherry One Web Design. Rex is a certified Google Adwords individual with many proven seo results on his resume. Most notably the accomplishments he achieved while working with the Ascender Corporation. Do a search for just about any font and you will find one of Ascender Corporation’s font websites that Rex was responsible for on the first page.

R.J. is also the proud owner of, a website built to benefit those that have fallen upon tough times. has been featured on several news stations including Chicago CBS TV 2 News, the Discovery channel and the Boston Globe.

In his free time R.J. enjoys spending time with his family, friends and dog Lucy. He also likes to travel and a good game of golf in between link-building sessions. Ultimately it’s the thrill of seeing his clients get the exposure he knows they need that keeps him going.


Steve Seager- VP and Creative Director

Steve graduated from Oakland University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Marketing. After spending a few years job hopping trying to find his true calling, he finally found a home at Web Nation Group. One of the jobs Steve worked was online marketing manager for the Ascender Corporation. It was during this time that Steve met Rex and discovered his passion for online marketing.

The multitude of tasks Steve performs on a daily basis for Web nation Group are truly astounding. He was responsible for the business model and marketing program that launched the company to where it is today. He continues to find ways to improve the quality of our product and reduce overhead which allow us to offer such affordable prices.

Outside of work (which is very rare) Steve enjoys sports, music and movies. His favorite moment was being present at the 2007 NFC championship game the Chicago Bears won. His favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. He also volunteers at his local church for youth. events conducted on Sundays.


Al Giroux- VP Business Development

Al Giroux had been an inspiration to us all at Web Nation Group. He constantly keeps the energy and positivity flowing in the office and has been a natural since day one. He made his first sale in only his second day with the company and has been bringing in new business ever since.

Al’s professional experience comes in handy in this fairly young company and he provides a stabling force to the sometimes hectic environment that can come along with conducting business on a daily basis.

A wife of 22 years, a daughter graduating Michigan State University in the spring and a son starting his second year of college baseball shortly keep Al busy outside of work. He is also notorious for winning just about all the sports pools in the office as well.


Lynne Szalony- VP Marketing and Public Relations

Lynne graduated from the University of Michigan in 2002. Lynne was instrumental in the development of Web Nation Group’s offline marketing and public  relations. She has a gift for increasing a company’s exposure across various forms of media. She’s been known to wake up in the middle of the night with marketing jingles in her head, no wonder she’s loves her Starbucks coffee so much.

Lynne is also a mother of her two year old daughter Nicole, a die-hard Wolverine fan and enjoys traveling.


Melissa Glover- Lead Project Coordinator and Copywriter

Ever since she started writing poems in elementary school Melissa dreamed of being a writer. She possesses a unique ability to put dreams into writing. Everything from her own goals to the aspirations of others come naturally to her while she is operating in her element. Melissa likes to place a heavy emphasis on the tone of her writing, to ensure the copy she creates comes across sincere and genuine.

She also handles the balancing act of writing not only for end users but also for the search engines by creating keyword rich content seamlessly. The pride and honor she takes in every project is evident in her work and the compliments we receive from many clients.

Reading, going to movies and working out occupy much of her free time. Melissa also recently became a proud Aunt in October 2009.


Erin Smajavich- Social Media Specialist/Office Manager

Erin takes care of the Web Nation Group staff and clientele like they were family. She helps make everyone’s lives easier by multi-tasking with the best of them. She was also one of our social media pioneers, keeping up with the facebook’s and twitter’s of the world is her specialty as she is the voice behind our accounts and keeps us up to date with all the ever changing social media climate.

Erin is currently attending Oakland University and pursuing a degree in communication. She loves spending time with her family including her niece Aurora and nephews Geheardt and Kevin.


Boris Palincas- Board of Directors

Boris was a mentor to Steve when he was starting his professional career in the early 2000’s. He instilled in him a strong work ethic along with a desire for integrity and honesty. Mr. Palincas also gave him advice on how to stay discipline and make the most of his talent while placing an importance on confidence and image.

In many ways, the confidence that Boris gave Steve helped shape who he is today, and he shows his appreciation by honoring Mr. Palincas with a seat on his Board of Directors.  


Arthur Ogorzalek- Board of Directors

Arthur is VP Sales at McKlein Company LLC. He worked with several of Web Nation Group’s founders in the past and maintained close relationships with them throughout the years.

Because of his experience and proven track record with an international company he is a valued consultant to the group. Arthur provides a unique perspective as he  grew up in Poland until the age of 18.    


Joe Karam- Board of Directors

Joe was a peer of Steve under the same tutelage of Mr. Palincas.  They worked together for 4 years and kept in touch even when Steve moved to Chicago. As a respected member of the community for the way he conducted business, Joe’s input is always much appreciated. He now works for Lenhard Financial in Grosse Pointe Woods.


Lorna Szalony- Board of Directors

Lorna is a consultant in human resources, accounting, tax filing and health insurance for the company. She is currently employed by Blue Cross Blue Shield and has been living in the Troy, MI area for the past 24 years.


Justine Mirasol- Graphic/Website Designer

Justine is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in advertising. She works with our group on a project to project basis and is responsible for many of our attractive logo designs including Mizay Builders, ChooseDeal and Wanted Coupons. Justine thrives on creativity and often enjoys any sort of media production. Her other interests include photography, cooking, traveling, and fashion.