Company History

Web Nation Group was formed in 2008 when two former employees of a web development company put their heads together for the purpose of providing a better service to small business owners. After much debate about how much can realistically be done for the price point we wanted to offer, we arrived at our package deals. We were fortunate enough to have some important web connections to bring all the pieces together. Combining that foundation with some very effective resources from the web and many long days of research, Web Nation Group was ready for takeoff.




Web Nation Group

It wasn’t until a couple months after we launched when we actually signed our first client. As is the case with many startup companies, we endured a time of trial and error. Working out all the kinks was not easy but very rewarding. Seeing our clients on the first page in Google for their keywords was a thrilling  experience. Hearing customers tell us how happy they were with how everything turned out and that they were able to pick up additional business kept us going through the early stages.


Although we are proud of where we came from, we don’t let that stop us from continuing to improve our product and services. We understand that good businesses listen to their customers and are best when they are taking care of client needs, not just selling what they want to sell. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to share them with us.  We look forward to hearing from you, thanks for stopping by.




The Web Nation Group Team



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